Yayasan Pendidikan Dwituna Rawinala Concert Project

07 November 2018

Shannon Sutandinata

Secondary Student


ACS Jakarta has always encouraged their students to accomplish their goals, whether it be academics or non-academics. I experienced this myself through my personal project this year. Ever since I was young, I have always had a passion to help the less fortunate. This year, I came up with a project to help the students from Yayasan Dwituna Rawinala - a school to help disabled children to learn to overcome their disabilities and survive in the real world in their own unique ways. On 23rd September, I collaborated with Yamaha to set up a concert for the students to perform to the public. A scholarship programme was also offered to six selected students from Yayasan Dwituna Rawinala to learn music in Yamaha for a year.

Knowing that ACS Jakarta really values charity work, I approached the school and requested funding for my CAS project. It was by God’s grace that the school was able to offer Rp.40 million from the ticket sales of the Exodus production that was held in February for this project. Not only was this fund sufficient for the scholarships for the sixI was also able to buy some furniture, such as cabinets, tables students and chairs to help Yayasan Dwituna Rawinala.

I would like to thank the Vice-Principal, Dr Lee, and the CAS Coordinator, Ms Carmen, who worked closely with me to guide me in achieving what I wanted for this project. With the constant support from teachers and friends, I was able to help Yayasan Dwituna Rawinala and gave the less fortunate children hopes and opportunities in life.

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