Secondary Volleyball Friendly Match

25 September 2018

Audrey Nathania

Secondary Student

On Saturday, 15 September, the ACS Volleyball team held a friendly match against Deutsche School Jakarta.

When we first saw the opponent team walk in the sports hall we were all intimidated at how tall and professional they looked and at the beginning of the match I could feel that some of the players were quite frustrated. But as the match went on we stopped thinking of it as a competition and just had fun instead.

From this we learned that in order to play well, we all had to work together as a team and help encourage each other as we played. At the end of the day, this friendly match was a great opportunity for us to build our teamwork, communication and our coordination. I hope that from this match we all learned that sometimes sport isn’t just about winning the game, but it’s also about learning to improve from opportunities like this.

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