Secondary Post Exam Programme (4 – 7 June 2018)

31 July 2018

Louisa Wirawan

Secondary Student

The end of the school year is always a relief to many students and staff alike, as it signals the start of relaxation and fun. Even though we had overcome the hurdle of exams and schoolwork, there remained the idle period after the checking of examination papers, where, there’s little work to be done but it is not quite the holidays yet. So, to give the students a fun way to start off their summer holiday, and to end school, the SRC organized a series of post exam activities for grades 7, 8 and 9, to fill the last week of school.

On Monday, 4 June 2018, a  movie screening of the 3 Idiots, a comedy chosen by Ms Carmen in secret, was held in the PAT. Even though the Bollywood classic had the  students laughing and cheering for the three protagonists throughout the screening, the story also carried a meaningful message about schooling and education.  Many students found it relatable.

The students’ laughter was carried over to the next day with another movie screening, Johnny English Reborn, a well-known action comedy flick that too had the students clapping from the start. Wednesday was Mufti Day, and we were given the permission to come to school in our own clothes, creating a relaxed and festival atmosphere.

Finally, Inter Class Sports Day was held on the last day of school. The Grade 7s played kickball, the Grade 8s played basketball, and Grade 9s played handball. All three classes of each respective level had a friendly match against one another in order to win a special bag of goodies chosen by the SRC. It was a day filled with the shrill whistles of referees, sharp shouts of encouragement from spectating classmates, laughter and exhilaration. After a day of excitement, 7 Humility, 8 Humility, and 9 Respect emerged victorious, and Dr Lee presented the prizes to the class representatives. Though it was a hectic, tiring and slightly chaotic day, it was also a day of fun.

Of course the week did not pass without a hitch, and it certainly was not perfect. However, it was a week of laughs, shared memories, and fun. It was a great way to start the summer off by spending time with our classmates and friends before we went off on our separate  holidays.

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