Secondary Athletics Meet 2018

21 January 2019

Mr Benedict Chris A. Estaja

Secondary Teacher


With a clear blue sky shining on the day of the 28th of November 2018, it was the Secondary Athletics Meet. As the students, teachers, and guests gathered to the bleachers of the main football field by 10.10am, the program opened with a simple opening ceremony that was led by Ms. Anna and Janice of 11T as masters of ceremony.  Pastor Lilis led a simple prayer of guidance for everyone and the Sports pledge was led by our school captain Nathan Andriessen of 12T. With the program done, the first events were called out. It kicked off with the 1 km and 4 by 500 relay run where it was categorized for both boys and girls of every level. The students did not hesitate to be at the competitor’s steward and be ready to run, experiencing a little sunlight touching their skin, The houses crowded as they cheered on for their friends who were running. 

After that, the 60 m and 4 by 60 m sprints continued with an atmosphere of friendly competition. Each participant showed their aggressive attitude in finishing fast at the finish line. As the events had to be stopped due to a lightning alert, the victors of each team for each event were recognized as medals were given. Congratulations to the house teams: Kartini came in 1st place, Thoburn in 2nd, followed by Ki Hajar Dewantara in 3rd and    Oldham in 4th. We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to Dr Lee and Pak Carl for supporting the event, to the teachers who helped out as timers, starters, chief timekeepers and recorders, to the student volunteers who extended their help in the event, to the housemasters undying patience, understanding and cheers for their teams, to the parents who were present and most of all to our God who watched over each and every one of us safety. To God be the glory!

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