Request For Proposal Canteen Vendor 2019-2020

09 May 2019

Cafetaria Committe



I. Overview

ACS Jakarta Canteen is a well-being and interest of the students. School is committed to ensuring that canteen vendors are able to provide not only good services, but also cater to the nutritional needs of students and that the food sold in the canteen is healthy and at reasonable prices.

The school management team and the Canteen Committee are responsible for the selection and appointment of vendors based on the criteria and procedures. The management expects to improve the availability of healthy food choices in school canteens through an integrated program involving teachers, canteen vendors, parents and students.


II. Vendor Criteria

There will be one (1) vendor selected for providing food in the academic year 2019-2020. Period of contract is one (1)-year period, started from July 2019. Vendor should be able to:

1. Provide food for students’ snack and lunch that:

  • Meets the health/nutritional standards set by the school management; note that drink will be provided by the school’s own vendor,
  • At reasonable prices.

2. Provide good service.

3. Observe a high standard of food

4. Provide personal hygiene by submitting the health check up of each personal.

The applicant should have experiences in selling food either in a commercial area or school canteen, including catering businesses for at least one (1) year. It should be proven by providing pictures and necessary documents in the proposal. Those who do not have experiences need not apply.

A. Type of foods

Types of food that are preferred by the school are based on one of the following themes:

  1. Healthy Western Fusion Food

The applicant should be able to provide a list of Western Fusion Food in the proposal. Notes:

  1. Deep fried menu is considered not healthy and it is allowed to be served only once a week, but still with vegetables as compliment.
  2. Candies, sweets, including chocolate bars, cakes with icing sugars, kerupuk, crackers, branded snacks in the original packs or snacks from grocery stores without any value added are examples of snacks that are not allowed to be sold.
  3. Food that contains MSG or preservatives is not allowed to be sold.
  4. Vendor will provide set menu consists of carbohydrate, protein (meat, beef, fish, etc) and vegetables. For example:
    1. Rice, beef, vegetables.
    2. Noodle, chicken, vegetables.

The vendor must follow the agreed theme at all times.

B. Scope of vendor services

The service required from the vendor is the following:

  1. Provide menu or list of items, including prices, based on the theme and the agreed type of foods.
  2. Prepare and serve snacks and lunch menu on time at snack time and lunch time every day.
  3. Vendor must not cook food in the counter, but vendor is allowed to warm it up.
  4. Prepare own cooking utensils, such as, refrigerator, toaster, oven, stove, microwave, etc.
  5. Provide food equipment for the costumers, such as, plates, spoons and forks, which is food grade etc.
  6. Responsible for cleanliness of the vendor area mainly but not limited to vendor’s own booth.
  7. Pay monthly electricity charges based on the meter.
  8. Pay monthly revenue-sharing fee based on the rates (to be advised).
  9. Provide set menu to be taken for photo and displayed in the booth, before selling the menu.
  10. Display the menu and prices at all times.
  11. Responsible for service until 5.00 pm according to the schedule.
C. Facilities

The school will provide the following facilities for the vendor:

  1. Space, size 28 m2 for service area and kitchen are at the back.
  2. Bain Marie for food display with 5 trays.
  3. Cleaning. The school cleaning service will clean food utensils, such as, plate, spoon and fork, and canteen common area.


III. Pricing Criteria

Price is in Indonesian Rupiah. Some brief guideline for the food pricing should be at the current price and reasonable quantity is the following:

  1. Food for lunch price is from Rp.25,000 to Rp.38,000 per set menu.
  2. Snack price is from Rp.5,000 to Rp.15,000 per piece.

Notes: The price should not be changed until school is ended in June 2020, except there is an adjustment in some cases such as oil price.


IV. Application

1. The applicant should fill and submit the following:

  • Application form with a list of menu that you want to sell in the canteen, pictures and price attached;
  • A short proposal to describe your company profile, no more than two (2) pages, excluding menu.
  • Necessary supporting document, if any, for example: Halal certificate, agreement with other schools.

2. Applicants can obtain the application forms from the receptionist, or download it at ACS Jakarta website, www.acsjakarta.sch.id.

3. The Canteen Committee will select the most suitable candidates.

4. Applications are not selected on a first-come-first served basis.


V. Submission and Deadline

  • Hardcopy applications should be received at the school receptionist or softcopy applications should be emailed to david.wildrik@acsjakarta.sch.id at 4.15 pm on 17 May 2019, at the latest;
  • All applicants will be informed by the school of the outcome of their application by 20 May 2019.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be contacted and required to provide samples of food, the following:
    1. Western Fusion food: Club Sandwich, Fresh Salad, Rice Menu & Pasta.
  • The test food session is scheduled at 22 May 2019, 10.00 am.
  • The successful candidates will be interviewed at the same day of the test food session.



1. Where to get the application form? 

Please click here to download the form, or may request it via email: info@acsjakarta.sch.id or collect it personally from the receptionist ACS Jakarta.

2. What if the applicant submits the application form only?

The school is not allowed to accept incomplete document. The candidate should submit all documents as it is stated in clause V. Submission and Deadline.

3. Is the applicant allowed to join with others?

The school prefers one (1) person or one (1) institution for each vendor, but we are open to this, as long as there is a single person who will be responsible.

4. Will applications be considered on a first-come-first serve basis?

No, they will not. They are considered on a case-by-case basis.

5. What are the rates of rental for a canteen stall?

The school will charge a certain percentage from gross sales, considered for cleaning and rental. The vendor should pay its own electricity charges, which will be billed separately by the school.

6. How the applicants are informed of the outcome of their application?

The results will be announced on 27 May 2019 by email and the selected candidate is expected to be ready to open in the Quarter 1, 15 July 2019.

7. What time is the vendor to operate?

The vendor is expected to operate started from 8.30 am to 2.00 pm, Monday to Friday. Every week, each of the vendors will be given a turn to open until 5.00 pm, to cater the students who participate in CCA. If necessary, selected vendors are expected to operate in the school events during the scheduled weekends or holidays.

8. Who is the approving authority on the appointment of stallholders?

The Canteen Committee based on the recommendation of the school management team approves the appointment of stallholders to the school.

9. Is the Canteen Agreement a permanent one?

The canteen agreement is valid from July 2019 to June 2020, subject to the terms and conditions. The agreement may be renewed subject to the decision of the Canteen Committee.

10. Is the vendor allowed to sell non-halal food?

No. All food must be halal food.

11. Are the candidates of Canteen Vendor able to choose the location?

No, they are not. The location of the counter will be at the available location.

12. Where to ask for further clarification?

For further clarification email the Cafeteria Manager, Mr David Wildrik ACS Jakarta, david.wildrik@acsjakarta.sch.id. We will reply to your email within two (2) working days.

ACS Jakarta, 6 May 2019

Cafeteria Committee

Here is some sample Western Fusion Menu:

  1. Rice Chicken Cordon Bleu
  2. Rice Chicken Mozzarella
  3. Smoked Chicken Fried Rice
  4. Smoked Beef Fried Rice
  5. Sausage Fried Rice
  6. Rice Chicken Black Pepper
  7. Rice Crispy Chicken
  8. Roasted Chicken Rice
  9. Spaghetti Carbonara
  10. Fettuccine
  11. Fusilli
  12. Fish & Chips
  13. Club Sandwich
  14. Fresh Salad
  15. Beef Fried Noodles
  16. Calzone
  17. Pizza
  18. Mushroom Soup
  19. Corn Soup
  20. Zuppa Soup
  21. Baked Potato
  22. Healthy French Fries
  23. Sweet Potato Fries
  24. Cupcake
  25. Brownies
  26. Doughnut
  27. Cookies
  28. Popcorn
  29. Toast Bread
  30. Garlic Bread
  31. Pudding
  32. Vegetarian Burger
  33. Vegetarian Hotdog
  34. Vegetarian Corndog
  35. etc

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