Primary School Minggu Bahasa

06 November 2018

Ms Dian Rumanti

KS Gr 4-6


To foster the love of the Indonesian language and culture, the Indonesian Department held the “Minggu Bahasa” programme from 22nd – 26th October. The theme of this event was ‘Kekayaan Budaya Indonesia’ (Rich Culture of Indonesia). A number of activities were held to help instill the love for the Indonesian language and cultures. Various programs prepared for this event were as follows:

USSR, Devotion and Batik Dresscode

During Minggu Bahasa, all students read Indonesian story books during USSR and listened to devotions which were delivered in Indonesian. Students and teachers wore batik to school for a week to foster the love of batik as part of the Indonesian heritage.

EC Activities

EC students did many activities, including introduction to Indonesian culture, like batik patterns as well as Indonesian traditional games, like EC students did many activities, including introduction to Indonesian engklek, cublak-cublak suweng, lompat karet, etc.

Traditional games

To encourage the love of Indonesian traditional games, a number of traditional games were prepared for primary students during snack and lunch time in the TSK Hall. The games were congklak, bekel, engklek, lompat karet and gobak sodor. Students showed a significant interest in playing the traditional games.

Traditional snack

To introduce Indonesian snacks to students, the PSG provided traditional snacks for our students at snack time on 25th October. We would like to thank the PSG for their contributions.


During our assembly on 25th October, Ibu Ega and Mr. Martin shared a presentation about the importance of batik, as one of our national heritage. We also invited two guest-speakers, Ms Tika Panggabean and Mr Djoni Permato, or usually adressed as Tika & Udjo, two of Indonesia’s famous celebrities and personalities of a pop group, Project Pop, to our assembly. They read an Indonesian fable and sang Indonesian children’s songs together with our students. Ms Tika and Mr Udjo really entertained students with their funny way of telling the story. Students really enjoyed the assembly as it was both a fun and educational way to listen to a story and sing Indonesian children’s songs.

Story-telling by Indonesian teachers

During Bahasa Indonesia period this week, our Indonesian teachers read Indonesian story books to students to foster the love of reading and listening to Indonesian stories.

We would like to thank all students who enthusiastically participated in the activities, all Indonesian teachers for running the program, and all parents for their continuous support.

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