Lombok Relief Project

19 September 2018

Sandra Pike & Adani Zahirah

Secondary Student

This August, news of multiple earthquakes that struck Lombok had brought devastation throughout Indonesia. For us as a community that has been blessed with safety and an abundance of living necessities, it’s our role to share these blessings with the victims of this disaster. We would like to thank parents, students, teachers and staff who have all been very supportive and cooperative in this donation drive. Within the span of a few days, we were happy to have seen a mountain of donations which you have all enthusiastically brought and which have been packed into big delivery boxes.
Listed below are the approximate amount of items our school has donated collectively to the victims in Lombok:

  • Energen: 118 boxes (16 packets each)
  • Bottled water: 80 boxes
  • Ready food (biscuits, nutrition bars, etc.) : 20 boxes
  • Cooking Oil: 3 boxes
  • Rice: 2 boxes
  • Baby necessities: 5 boxes
  • Hygiene products: 25 boxes
  • Medicine: 10 boxes
  • Others (clothes, blankets, shoes, etc.): 50 boxes

These donations have all been successfully packed and collected last week. On 30 August, the items were sent to the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Warehouse in Bogor to be shipped to Lombok latest by early September. The items will then be distributed by Aksi Cepat Tanggap to the victims in Lombok. Ibu Elli, the chairperson of the PSG, also visited Lombok together with our previous school captain Patrick, where they delivered some other items directly to the victims. These were additional items bought by some parents who pooled together a sum of money to help the victims. It was definitely an eye-opening trip for them, as they witnessed the current devastating conditions of Lombok, and even experienced a 5.3 magnitude earthquake while they were there. We would like to thank God for keeping them safe throughout their journey. 

Your kindness has definitely brought joy and gratitude to those affected in Lombok. Together as a school community, we have all played a part to lend a helping hand and made a difference in the lives of the victims in Lombok.

Thank you for your kindness and may God bless you.

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