IGCSE PE Learning Trip – Singapore, 22 to 27 Sep 2018

08 October 2018

Grade 10 IGCSE PE Students

Secondary Student

Let’s Bounce!!!

That’s what we did throughout the IGCSE PE learning trip to Singapore. The annual trip was a compulsory `out-of-the-classroom’ learning journey where we had exquisite hands-on experience on topics covered in our IGSCE PE curriculum. The topics included leisure & recreation, sports development, global sports events and technology in sport.

We were very blessed as we had the opportunity to view the sports facilities at the Singapore Sports Hub and Singapore Sports Institute, where we had invaluable insights on how elite athletes trained and coped with sports injuries and rehabilitation.

The sharing session at the National Youth Sports Institute was useful as it focused on issues such as sports & nutrition and strength training which definitely helped us in our preparation for our IGCSE coursework.

More significantly, we had the chance to experience a new sport called Kin Ball, which promotes mass participation. We hope we can bring this sport to ACS Jakarta as a PE activity or CCA. 

In addition, as part of our preparation for our lifesaving coursework, we were very grateful to have a coaching session conducted by professional lifesaving instructors. Prior to our lifesaving training session, we successfully completed the CPR/AED course!!!

We would like to thank God for his blessings during this trip. Our sincere appreciation to Dr Lee for his support in our IGSCE PE Learning trip and our IGCSE PE teachers for their dedication and patience.

Certainly, it has been a fruitful trip!!! Keep bouncing!!!

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