Grade 2 – Kuntum Farmfield Learning Journey

06 November 2018

Ms Ria Mamesah

Primary Teacher


For our semester 1 learning journey, Grade 2 students visited Kuntum Farmfield on Tuesday, 23rd October. Kuntum Farmfield is a child-friendly agro-tourism spot located in Bogor, about Water, Food and Farming, as well as to provide the students with a hands-on learning experience for Global drive from school. The objectives for having this learning journey were to provide the students with an insight into the Global Perspectives topic

The students were ecstatic as they boarded the bus anticipating the fun activities they would do in Kuntum Farmfield. Upon arriving at the site, all students and teachers took a group picture before being divided into two groups. A guide from Kuntum accompanied each group and explained how to feed the animals in the farm. In addition to feeding the animals, such as goats, rabbits, cows, chickens, ducks and bulls, the students also got to paint farmer hats, with which they were allowed to bring home as souvenirs. As the students walked around the farm, they were able to see various vegetables planted there. The farm only uses organic fertilizer for the plants. Just before we left Kuntum, students enjoyed a bit if fishing in the pond. They splashed, crawled and screamed with excitement when they managed to catch the fish into their small baskets. They were all wet but very happy. Below are comments from some of our students.

“I loved the field trip! It was really fun! First, we fed the chickens and ducks corn. Next, we went to feed the rabbits carrots. They were so adorable! Then, we went to play with the guinea pigs. We carried them and placed them on our laps. They were so fluffy and cute! After that, we gave the goats milk from baby bottles. They drank so quickly. Next, we fed the cows and bulls grass. Then, we ate lunch and painted the farm hats. After we did that, we went inside to the fish pond and caught a lot of fish. Finally, we went home via school with the two fish that we were allowed to take with us. I had an amazing adventure!” – Zarina, 2T

“In Kuntum Farmfield, we saw cows, bulls, bunnies, chickens, ducks, birds, etc. We had a lot of fun catching fish. We also ate chicken, rice, and vegetables. We did some paintings and worksheets. We also saw plants. We shared snacks inside the bus. The best part of the field trip for me was feeding the animals. We bought plants and food. Some of our teachers joined us. I loved this field trip so much!” – Anne, 2H

“I had a good experience in Kuntum. We learned about nature and how we should care about animals. We had so much fun because we could even hold the hamsters and rabbits. We also caught a lot of fish. At breaktime, we did a worksheet. It was marvelous when we were catching fish. It was also amazing when I tried lots of tasty fruits. We also ate yummy food. It was a wonderful day.” – Preston, 2R

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