Grade 1 Learning Journey to “Dapur Anak"

06 November 2018

Ms Lavina

Primary Teacher


 On 23rd October, all Grade 1 students had the chance to visit “Dapur Anak” which is located in Lotte Shopping Avenue. It was a trip worth remembering. The children learned the concepts of cooking, ingredients to use, kitchen utensils, and product materials. But most importantly, this cooking activity also encouraged them to eat healthy, and also develop their language and vocabulary skills, enhancing their nutritional knowledge, maintaining cleanliness and neatness, and even trained the students the importance of patience and the safety of cooking.

Students learned how to make spaghetti bolognese by using the food slicer to slice the cheese, spreading the cheese on the garlic bread, rolling the cheesy meat balls and putting them gently in the frying pan. They also learned how to fill tropical fruit pies by adding vanilla cream and putting tropical fruits on top of the cream.

During lunch time, they enjoyed the tasty spaghetti and fruit pies they had made. After lunch, the kids were finally able to make the journey home: happy, content and a bit wiser.



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