Founder’s Day 2018

27 March 2018

Ms Ravina Kallie

Primary Teacher

With great love and devotion, ACS Jakarta celebrated its 132nd Founder’s Day on the 1 March. In the true spirit of love of God and camaraderie among the staff and students, the vision of Reverend William Fitzjames Oldham played on at a happy, colourful event. Since 1886, this annual event is a revered item on the school calendar and is given significant importance by the school community of ACS Jakarta.

The build up to 1 March commenced with an online quiz during computer class, taken by all students from primary to secondary, about the history of the ACS group of schools. Students who answered correctly were awarded house points which earned them ribbons in house-colours. The ribbons were then used to form beautiful chains to adorn the TSK hall in celebration of the day. The unprecedented enthusiasm displayed by the students towards the quiz, saw the period for the quiz being extended from 12 to 28 February, one week over the final date. However, the positive outcome of this was that the entire student body acquired a good knowledge of the origins and history of their school.

After the final count, the chain-making and the decoration of the TSK hall for the event was a heart-warming united effort of students and staff. The day commenced with showers of blessing from above, but the rainy beginning soon gave way to clear skies and a glorious day to be enjoyed by all.

Delightful Thanksgiving events followed each other smoothly as praises were sung to the Lord for the blessings ACS had achieved over time. Our Executive-principal Mr Ng, echoed all the sentiments of ACS members past and present in his inspiring address to an appreciative audience.

The culmination of the celebration was the cutting of a delicious cake to mark the 132 years of existence of an institution of admirable values. Thursday, 1 March 2018 saw ACS Jakarta inculcating in its current students, like those who have walked its corridors in the past, the foundational values to a well-rounded, character-building education, which prepares them socially and emotionally, to face a challenging world.

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