Football – Is it Really Just Chasing a Ball?

27 August 2018

Natashia C. Septirymen

Secondary Student

You look down at the field, seeing people down there chasing a ball fixedly. You wonder why someone would chase a ball like that. This scenario happened a year ago, and now you stand on the soccer field with a ball in front of you. Initially, you often wonder what is so interesting about the sport, but once you join the CCA (out of curiosity), you are roped in.

Practice sessions aren’t as long or grueling as you would expect them to be. The training sessions in the Girls’ Football Team are exciting and fun, always leaving you and the rest of the team longing for the next training session. Apart from the fun games and the comical jokes Coach Nadzi would crack as he aided the other coaches in the training sessions, you seem to build a family through the sport itself – a second one built through a sport you unknowingly would enjoy. Now, this family of 12 has grown to 26. 

During Week 4, this first friendly match against SIS (Kelapa Gading) brought a hint of anxiety and a huge strike of adrenaline which excited both the senior players and the newcomers. The seniors who were eager to win brought a spirit filled with euphoria into the hearts of the others. Even though this was our first ever match this academic year, all the members played their best and supported one another as a family. Therefore, if you ask any of us what we felt of the 4 - 2 victory, we will tell you that it was just the tip of the iceberg of the experiences you undergo as part of the team.

The training sessions with coaches Dhika, Fajar and Andre keep everyone in high spirits and entertained. Along with the immense participation in training from Mr. Nadzi (through participating and coaching us in mock and real matches alike), as well as the continuous support from our lovely TIC, Ms. Gargi, you believe that you will never find something as close to the football CCA to your heart ever again.

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