EC Learning Journey - Ragunan Zoo

18 April 2019

Ms Erin Rush

EC Department


In Quarter 3, our thematic learning in Early Childhood was centered around animals. What better place to travel to for a Learning Journey than Ragunan Zoo? By visiting the zoo, our students not only had the opportunity to observe exotic animals and feel a connection with wildlife but also learnt about the importance of conservation and animal care. It also made the children aware of the benefits of taking care of the environment, as it has a significant impact on the lives and welfare of animals.

On the day of the Learning Journey, the EC children arrived at school excited for the adventure ahead! We boarded the buses and made the short trip to South Jakarta; singing and snacking along the way. Once we arrived, we first visited the Schmutzer Primate Center. It is a primate conservation center with an open-zoo concept, so the animals live in an environment that closely mimics their natural habitat. The children got to see many exotic primates including orangutans,    gorillas, chimpanzees and rare species from Indonesia and around the world. Everyone was mesmerized as the various primates played and jumped playfully together, making loud and unusual screeches to communicate with one another. The most memorable primates of the day were the gorillas, perhaps because we were lucky to witness their feeding time! The children were surprised to find out the plentiful, healthy diet of the gorillas—they ate eggplant, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, and bananas! It was interesting to see these large, powerful creatures become very shy and timid while eating.

After leaving the primate center, we boarded our own private tiger train! The train took us around the whole zoo, touring the various species. We gazed upon giraffes, elephants, tigers, bears, lions, camels, crocodiles, ostriches and peacocks to name a few. We briefly disembarked from the train to tour the bird aviary and reptile center. The children were greatly amused by the breathtaking wingspan of some of the birds and the massive size of some of the snakes.

Our adventure concluded at the Children’s Zoo, where we were able to rest and reflect on the day and the various animals we encountered. We had a lovely lunch amongst friends and peers and then boarded the buses back to school. It was a fun-filled day that will live in our memories forever!

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