Devon Kei Enzo and Mischka Keia Aoki at the International Mathematics Olympiad

02 September 2021

Iris Tanumihardja

Admission and Marketing


A Special Gift for the 76th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia is a medal performance from Devon Kei Enzo and Mischka Keia Aoki at the International Mathematics Olympiad.

Towards the commemoration of the 76th Indonesian Independence Day, proud news comes from ACS Jakarta students: Devon Kei Enzo (Gr. 7H) and Mischka Keia Aoki (Gr. 8I).

Devon Kei once again made the Indonesian nation proud by scoring the best award, Diamond Medal for the 2021 WMI (World Mathematics Invitational) International Mathematics Olympiad, while Mischka Aoki, his sister, won a Silver Medal.

Not only that, in the past month and, in the middle of the PPKM (Enforcement of Community Activity Restrictions) period, the two of them added a total of 10 medals to their collection of achievements. Throughout 2021, they have won a total of 32 medals for Indonesia.

The International Olympiads that these two siblings have won recently include the Diamond Medal and Silver Medal from WMI, Gold Medals from the Hua Xia Cup Global Round, AIMO, VANDA Science, and BIG Australia Science Competition. They also won 5 medals all together in the SIMOC (Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge) event.

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2. YOUTUBE LIVE: FMB9ID_IKP (Kementrian Indonesia)


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