Camps and Resilience

23 October 2018

Mr Melvin Sim

Vice Principal (Primary)

Our Grade 5s have just returned from their camp and I have been amazed at how they have been during the camp. Right from the start, I was surprised that just about perfect attendance for the camp. It was a pity that the unexpected shift in the camp date prevented some students from attending but for those who made it, it was a camp to remember.

I make it a point to be there to send the students off and already felt there was a difference in the energy level for this batch. The eagerness of the students and the gung-ho spirit was at unprecedented levels. This was maintained throughout the 4 days of the camp.

I was impressed when the teachers told me that every one of the students went on the flying fox. We normally would have a small number who would opt out of taking the leap (literally) but I cannot remember if we ever had a 100% participation rate before. What’s more, some clamored for a second go.

The activities of the first day were rained out and the students were holed up indoors. There was some difficulty in getting from one venue to the next and worse, the bonfire had to be called off. Through it all, and even through the mud and difficulties, the teachers reported that the children remained positive and there were neither moans nor complaints.

The camp counselors were also very taken by our students and their being supportive of one another. Counselors and students bonded so well that many cried as it was time to leave camp.

The fact that the students had such amazing attitudes speaks well of how they have been taught at home. It also augurs well for how they will face adversity and setback in the future.

For our part in school, we continue to provide the students with opportunities to strengthen their resilience and independence in manageable steps: from the one night sleepover in Grade 3 to the three night camp in Grade 5 before the longer camps in secondary school which will help them when they go off to university away from home.

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