ANPS Dance

26 March 2018

Ms Ega and Ms Arum

TIC Dance

ANPS Dance Primary

On 3 March, the primary dancers got a chance to participate in the ANPS Arts Festival Dance Challenge in Beacon Academy. This was the first dance competition that the primary dancers had participated in. There were 11 dancers from upper primary who were chosen by the coaches and teachers to be in the team to represent the primary school. They are Aline, Nasya, Ranisya and Samara from Grade 4. From Grade 5 there were Audrey, Beauty, Chloe, Daphne, Jacquelyn and Keira. From Grade
6 there was Alisya. These 11 dancers had shown commitment and hard work in practicing the choreography given by the coaches, regardless of the time limitation that they had to practice. On the competition day, these 11 dancers were able to perform their best on the stage. And as a result, they won the Silver Trophy as the second winner. It was a great achievement for them, as this was the first competition that they took part in. This was the first time where they performed in front of professional dancers, who were the judges, and competed with dancers from other schools as well. This achievement, and their hard work really made the coaches, teachers and parents very proud of them.

ANPS Dance Secondary

Last Saturday, 3 March, the ACS Jakarta Secondary school dancers competed in ANPS Dance Challenge hosted by the Beacon Academy. When they were told that they were the first in line to perform, they were very nervous, but they successfully rocked the stage and achieved 1st place in the Second-ary Dance category. All the hard-work, the extra hours spent in practicing, discussing and hunting in ITC Bekasi for costumes paid off when they were called up on stage to be acknowledged for their achievement.
Congratulations to Caroline Amadea, Putri Gifta, Aurelia Leona, Shannon Sutandinata, Louisa Wirawan, Katiana Kamdani, Dominique Wanandi and Adjani Ariwibowo !
Let this achievement make more room for improvements in your future performances, for The Best Is Yet To Be.

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