ANPS Battle of the Bands 2018

26 March 2018

Mr Kurt Trytsman

Secondary Teacher of Art

On 3 March 2018, ACS Jakarta entered a band into the ANPS (Association of National and Private Schools) Battle of the Bands 2018 competition in the SMP (junior secondary) category. ACS Jakarta did not have a band, but we were keen to be a part of the competition, so a band was hastily assembled from the pool of musicians in grades 7, 8, and 9. Most of the musicians chosen to represent our school had never played in a band, and some members had never even played the instruments which were suddenly thrust upon them. Yet, in just three or four weeks the band began practising in earnest to prepare for the competition. It is thus even more impressive that these brave young musicians were able to clinch second place in their category, and we are tremendously proud of what they managed to achieve.

Congratulations to the following band members: Oh Yun Sung (drums), Jo An (bass), Kaelynn Turtan (guitar), Olivia Gunawan (keyboard), Hannah Dermawan (violin), Alexa Rahardjo (vocals), Raisya Roeslani (vocals), and Valerie Pola (vocals). We would also like to thank the MRC for the role they played, as they were very generous with their equipment, time, and expertise throughout our preparation for the event. We look forward to many more opportunities for the band to display its talent. ACS Jakarta is fortunate to have you.

A Word from our Drummer:
Oh Yun Sung (Louis) – 7 R

Eight members of ACS Jakarta, lead by Pak Daniel (Head of Music and Art Department) and Mr Kurt (music teacher), were blessed to participate in the ANPS Battle of the Bands at Beacon Academy in Kelapa Gading. My talented band members and I practised every snack time and almost every day
after school. We played Billie Jean by Michael Jackson as our compulsory song and Lose Yourself to Dance by Daft Punk as our optional song. Five bands from all over Jakarta took part in this competition sponsored by ANPS.

Our blended and rhythmical music entertained audiences of all generations. With a characterful and highly individual style of performance, the ACS band mesmerized the audience and won second place.
This event was a great blessing from God as students learned about teamwork and co-ordination between musicians. The award may be trophy-based, but the truly special reward is the respect and
honour gained by the band members and their teachers. One of our singers, Valerie, said “I guess we gained confidence and learned how to work better in a team.” While our teacher, Pak Daniel, added “The power of prayer and positive thinking can overcome our anxiety to achieve the best”.

On behalf of all the members in the ACS Jakarta Junior Band, I would like to thank Mr Ng, Dr Lee, Mr Ivan, Pak Daniel, and Mr Kurt for giving us this opportunity to show off our skills.

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