Mr Ng Eng Chin Closing Speech “Show 3”

26 March 2018

Mr Ng Eng Chin

Executive Principal

Transcribed by: Mr Ivan Tan
Director of Sport/CCA & External Matters

Edited by: Ms Annabella Ong
Secondary Head of Department English

I think these three shows have been an eye-opener for all of us and you have put up a very touching musical. Thank you very much for the teamwork that you have shown, and to the teachers, thank you for the guidance you have given to the students, and thank you to all of you for shining brightly for the Lord.

In the last two shows, I delivered a message for each and for this show, I would like to ask Pak Nino to sing the song that he sang. I think the honour must be given to him, whom as a teacher, sang that beautiful song.

Jethro Solo

Come to the table, hungry one, who have strayed far afield, There is a banquet plentiful, you shall eat and be filled, Here is bread to make you strong, wine to bring you joy, Stay to join the feast, and you shall have a welcome. Come to a resting place, put down your burden, Everything you need is here, come in O wanderer.

So very long you have got by on your own, you’ve been searching and struggling alone, Bewildered and lost, so confused and afraid, But now you have found your way home.

Here is a haven full of peace that will comfort your soul Here there is tender love and care to help make you whole. No more emptiness inside, no more grief and pain, Here your heart will find there’s an answer for its hunger. No more to be lonely, no more of wandering, Here is all you’ll ever need, here shall your heart come home.

“Where your heart comes home.” I think this is what God is telling all of us in this final message. The first message that we had in the first show was that if we are to meet God or if we are to know God, we must first step forward to encounter Him. That was the story of the burning bush, and God, through the burning bush, attracted Moses; but it was Moses who stepped forward and God called his name, “Moses, Moses.” That is the beginning of the Journey of Faith. The Journey of Faith begins with that encounter and the faith that you hold on to. What exactly is that faith?

In the second show, I said to you that faith is confidence in what we hope for and the assurance in what we do not see. Faith is the confidence in what we hope for; the Hebrew people were hopeful to be freed from slavery, for 430 years they had been under slavery but they had the confidence in the hope they had and the assurance of what they did not see. Indeed, they did not see at all, everyday they cried out to God but they did not see God; but God was there for them. Today the last message for you is to be assured that God is with you all throughout, and He will lead you if you follow Him and that is the assurance that we have today.

I hope that through this production this musical, all of you will come, one day, to realise who your God is. The God who is faithful. The God who provides for all of us. The God who will lead us. I want to end this evening by asking the two Moses to sing, ‘Lead me, I’ll Follow’. 

Two Moses’

1. What do I do – where should I go now –
    Can I find a way –
    Out of the dark– into the sun-light –
    Of a brand-new day – 

    With my God to guide me, I will make it through –
    With your hand to hold me,
    I will trust in you

    So lead me, I’ll follow, Across the lonely desert –
    I’ll go where you bring me, I know you are my friend.

2. Where will I go, where will you bring me,
    What will you do?
    You reveal my journey, I have faith in you –

    So lead me, I’ll follow, Through darkness and through storm –

    So lead me, my saviour, I will follow you.

    It has been a memorable and heart-warming journey.

Let us pray. Father God, we give you thanks for this cast here. Father, they have spent time with you to be able to present your message to the audience. Lord, indeed, I ask you to honour their work and their time, and even as your presence fills their hearts, Lord, I pray that they will remember this musical, that they will carry it in their hearts and learn to know you better. And so Father, I ask that we continue to pray for our kids here. We continue to pray for the school here that as you lead us in the next few years ahead, Lord, that you will always be our God and you will show us our Journey of Faith with you. And so as we all go back home and have a good rest, may the good Lord bless you and may His love continue to shine upon you and give you peace in your hearts and give you safe journey back home to your loved ones. We pray all these in His name. Amen.

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