Secondary Student Representative Council Investiture

30 April 2018

Nathan Andriessen

Student Grade 11 Respect

The Student Representative Council (SRC) investiture is one of the most important events in the school calendar. The investiture does not only signify the commencement of a new council every year but it also officially introduces the school to its new School Captain. It is also a time when the school recognizes the services and contributions by the graduating seniors whom we will soon bid goodbye to. All these seniors have never failed to support the council throughout their time in the SRC. They take on the role of advisor, mentoring the juniors even in their graduating year when they are overwhelmed with academic deadlines.

The ceremony started with appreciation of the seniors for their services and commitment to the council with a certificate presentation by our Executive Principal, Mr. Ng Eng Chin. The outgoing captain and vice-captain - Patrick Tjandra and JasonSutandinata then passed on the leadership of the SRC onto the incoming captain and vice-captain - Nathan Andriessen and Aurelia Leona. This was followed by a formal badge presentation by our Vice-principal, Dr. Lee Khen Seng, where the 13th SRC was also presented to the Secondary school. All members of the 13th council recited the student leaders’ pledge to commit themselves to the school and to God. To wrap it up, Pak Ivan Tan gave his blessing and prayed for the success and smooth running of the 13th SRC in all its endeavors.

With members ranging from Grade 7 to Grade 11, this collection of students in the 13th council is one of the most diverse the SRC has had in a long time. The 13th council looks forward to achieving new heights in all of our services and contributions to the school in the coming academic year! May we have a great year together!

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