Secondary School Honours’Day

14 Mei 2018

Mr Benedict Chris

TIC, Secondary Honours’ Day

On the morning of 17 April 2018, parents, teachers and students gathered in the TSK Hall for the Secondary School Honour’s Day ceremonies. Students from various clubs, groups, services and sports teams were recognised for their contributions and accomplishments for the whole academic year. The ceremonies started with the singing of the national anthem which was led by our new school captain, Nathan Andriessen. A short but meaningful devotional message from Reverend Denny Nainggolan followed before the inspiring welcoming message of Mr Ivan Muki Tan. After which, a dance performance from the ACS Dance Crew was showcased before the names of the award recipients were called. The order of awarding the recipients were the Art Club, Model Congress Club, Chess Club and Entrepreneurship Club. Then the visual performing art groups recognised their significant members from Chamber Music, Drama Club, Youth Choir and Dance Crew. Subsequently, service awards were given to the recipients of Media Resource Club and Student Representative Council. Last but not the least were the awardees from the different sports teams like Basketball, Football, Water Sports, Tennis and Badminton. We also honoured students who participated in various national events like kart racing and triathlon. After all the award recipients had been called, the students were inspired by one of our senior students and his CCA journey at Sweales cited his contributions and recognised Albert’s achievements which are beyond trophies and medals. As Albert was awarded the Sports Boy of the year, he thanked his team mates, teachers, coaches and most of all God for everything that he has achieved today. As he thanked everyone, he left some words of wisdom to be pondered by his fellow juniors. Right after, a song performance from the youth choir and school band were presented, led by Pak Daniel. As the ceremonies ended with a closing prayer and singing of the ACS Anthem, students were left with the inspiration in their hearts to join their CCA with dedication and be motivated to do their best.

Positive SSL