JSFL and GF 2018

14 Mei 2018

Ms Ribkania Waruwu

TIC, JSFL and GF 2018

It’s another season for a good reason because this year the ACS U10 Football team joined again in JSFL 2018 (Jakarta Schools Football League) which started back in January and finished in April. The solid team earned their hard work by winning the U10C group with 24 points in total, leading 5 points away from its competitor, DSJ in the second place. The team played 8 matches and they never lost or ended in a draw. This could only happen because our kids stayed committed from the beginning until the end. The support from parents who were always ready to take their kids to the games in the mornings and cheered with them inside or outside the fields fuelled the team spirit.

At the same time, the team also participated in the Greenfields Cup 2018. The Greenfields Cup is a knock-out competition, with matches mostly played on Sunday mornings (due to the league matches being played on Saturdays). All players tried their very best to stay sharp and in shape for both competitions. Our kids managed to get through until semi finals. In the semi final round, ACS VS NIS ended in a draw but we lose points to the other team. Nevertheless, they had a good game and finished strong!

It was an eventful term for the U10 Football team. They have become more experienced on the field which improved their football skills and teamwork more than ever. We can be sure that our kids are footballers who play with creativity and without fear, who solve their own problems on the pitch and who enjoy the game. Footballers who play to win.

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