JAAC Jr Badminton

28 Mei 2018

Bryan Heng

Student 9 Teamwork

On Friday, 5 May our school hosted the annual JAAC junior boys’ badminton competition. Going into it most of us weren’t expecting to win anything at all. Our team was still very inexperienced and for 5 out of the 8 members, it was their first tournament. The teams participating weren’t push overs either, with teams like JIS and SPH Karawachi. Although expectations were not set high, every player invited jumped at the opportunity to represent the school. The tournament was organized in seeded groups wherein each player had to go against all other competitors in their group. This meant that each player would end up playing 5 games (of 3 sets) each, a tall order for any player, experienced or not. Nevertheless, on tournament day each and every player showed up and played their heart out. Most importantly, whether win or lose it was smiles all around. Everyone knew they had played past any expectations and were proud of it. Although we didn’t know before they announced it, we had barely edged out SPH Karawachi by 2 points, meaning if one of our wins had not gone our way we would have lost. I believe that our badminton program will only get better as the juniors move up and urge that if any of them get the opportunity to represent the school in a big tournament, to go ahead and do so, for as long as they give it 110%, they will get results they’re proud of.

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