ACS Reader of The Month - April

30 April 2018

Mrs Kadek Beni S.

Library Supervisor

Ms Radha Samikannu

55 years have tumbled by and A Wrinkle in Time never gets old. The always vivid imagery and well-develop characters come alive whenever I read it. I always read this when I feel a need to travel -
Ms Radha on her fave books A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle (find the book in the @acsjkt_library).

Thank you
Ms Radha for your review and continuous support to library and even shared plus trusted us to support your English class program.


Ms Ravina Kallie

A wonderful fast-paced series that focuses on women and their weight obsession. It inspires because women are made to feel that it's fine to be a bit over-weight and being over weight does not mean being unattractive!.

The mystery-solving element also keeps the reader thoroughly involved in the story and the death-defying situations she finds herself in leaves us in awe of her courage. A truly engaging series not to be missed!.

Ms Ravina Kallie on Size 12 is not fat series by Meg Cabot.

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