Nurturing Leaders for God, Country and Community

Mendidik calon pemimpin untuk Tuhan Yang Maha Esa, Negara dan Komunitas.






We aim to provide holistic education in an environment which seeks to bring out the potential in every student to the fullest; developing in each a strong moral character, imbued with Godly values & principles and to guide and prepare him or her to be a leader for the greater good and of service to others.

Kami bertujuan untuk menyediakan pendidikan holistic yang bertujuan untuk membangun potensi maksimal setiap peserta didik, membangun karakter moral yang kuat berdasarkan nilai-nilai prinsip ketuhanan. Serta menyiapkan mereka untuk menjadi pemimpin yang melayani semua.












Membentuk siswa yang berkarakter dengan menjunjung tinggi nilai sekolah yaitu kerjasama, memiliki kerendahan hati, rasa menghargai sesama, integritas, komitmen, dan keunggulan.



Educational Philosophy


Guided by the school’s vision, mission statement, and values, ACS Jakarta’s education aims to nurture caring, humble, and excellent leaders who are able to work respectfully with and in the service of others to create a better and more peaceful world through Godly values and principles.

To achieve the aforementioned, ACS Jakarta believes that creating a conducive learning environment for students is key. As a result, teaching and learning in ACS Jakarta strive to (i) imbue in students sound moral values, (ii) centre students as learners, (iii) foster international-mindedness in students, and (iv) develop life skills in students which would prepare them for living and working in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

ACS Jakarta

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