A-Z Information Guide

Parents must notify the school of every absence of their child from school, first by telephone and then in writing. Notes are filed and records kept. If a student needs to leave the school grounds before the end of the school day, a parent or guardian must write a letter or a note in the diary. A form is then issued which is signed by both the Homeroom Teacher and a Vice Principal/Kepala Sekolah. This is presented to security upon departure.

Accidents and First Aid
All accidents at school must be reported to the School Office so that appropriate first aid or referral to a medical practitioner can be made. An accident report form is to be completed and returned to the School Office immediately.

Accident Insurance
All students, while enrolled at ACS Jakarta, are covered by accident insurance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Further information and claim forms are available from the School Office.

School assemblies are held in Performing Arts Theatre weekly. Primary assemblies are held on Thursday mornings and Secondary assemblies on Tuesday mornings.

Those students who suffer from asthma must be actively involved in the management of their own condition. Accordingly, the student should bring asthma medication to school and it should remain with the student at all times. Students who administer self-treatment should do so in accordance with their doctor’s directions.

Full attendance and punctuality is expected in all scheduled classes, assemblies, homeroom meetings and compulsory activities.

Students will have their snack or lunch in the cafeteria. Students are allowed to bring food from home or buy in cafeteria. No food or drinks (except water) can be eaten or drank outside cafeteria.

Care of Property
Students are expected to take care of their own possessions. Each student should have his or her name on all personal property. As a general rule, no valuable should have his or her name on all personal property. As a general rule, no valuables should be brought to the school. MP3 or CD players, mobile telephones, electronic games, skateboards and roller-skates must not be brought to school.

Students and staff who are unwell or need first-aid may use the School Clinic. A fully qualified and registered nurse is in attendance during school hours. Only simple first-aid and minor treatments are administered.

Co Curricular Activity
Registration for CCA activities takes place in the first or second week of each semester. Activities run for one whole semester. Many activities are free while some require a nominal fee. In secondary, some team sports are seasonal.

Community Service
The school conducts community service program throughout the school year. This is compulsory for senior students as it comprises part of their CAS (creativity, action and service) component of the IB Diploma. Other students may be involved in community service on a voluntary basis. Community service assists students to develop a greater awareness of their own societies, of the relationship that exists between school and the world around them and of their own abilities and interests.

Computer use
Under the guidance and instruction of teachers, students may communicate, receive and access electronic information via databases, bulletin boards, electronic mail, list servers, news groups and sites on the World Wide Web to pursue the student learning outcomes of ACS Jakarta. The rules associated with the use of school computers include the following:

  • Students will obtain teacher permission before using school-provided Internet resources.
  • Students will follow the school’s established guidelines for going online.
  • Students will respect the work of other individuals or organizations.
  • Students will not access, manipulate alter or attempt to damage, disable or destroy technological equipment, computer files residing on the local server, data disks, hard drive, or any accessible Internet service.
  • Students will not access, create or distribute harassing, pornographic, obscene, racist, sexually explicit or threatening material, imagery or language.
  • Students will use school-provided Internet resources for legal and educational purposes only.

The student diary is distributed at the beginning of each academic year. Students should take the diary to each class and record:

  • Homework details and work to be completed.
  • Assignments and projects.

The school diary is also the first line of communication between parents and teachers.

In order to maintain a friendly and cooperative atmosphere in the school, discipline is necessary. More importantly, self-discipline is vital in character formation. The school operates a step program of discipline where students who commit unacceptable behaviors are placed on the appropriate step. The seriousness of the offence dictates which step the student is placed on.

Step 1: Classroom teacher sanctions
Step 2: Referral to Vice Principal
Step 3: Being placed on behaviors report
Step 4: In-school suspension
Step 5: Out of school suspension
Step 6: Withdrawal

Emergency Drill and Evacuation
In the event of an emergency when the building or site has to be evacuated, a bell/siren will sound continuously. Students and staff should follow the evacuation procedures outlined, which are posted in every classroom.

Students are expected to participate in the school excursions organized by the teachers as part of their learning. Students must return the parental consent letter before they allowed to go on such an excursion. Students misbehavior on an excursion is viewed seriously and students can be expect consequences for any breach of conduct. As a general rule, all excursions begin and end at school.

Examinations are held at the end of each semester. Subject teachers will provide details of the examinations and students are expected to follow the schedule and prepare appropriately for their examinations.

All students are expected to wear their uniform in a neat and clean manner. Students may not wear rings. For girls, earrings should be plain studs and limited to one on each ear. Necklaces should be simple and not visible. Bracelets are not permitted. Make-up and nail polish may not be worn. Idiosyncratic hairstyles or hair coloring will not be permitted.

Boys’ hair should be short and of a conservative style, not longer than the collar-line and girls with long hair should tie their hair back throughout the school day.

Homework is a purposeful learning experience that complements work undertaken in the classroom. Parents/guardians should take all reasonable steps to ensure that set homework is completed and verify this signing the student diaries.

The following is a guide as to how much time parents might expect students to spend on homework each weeknight and on the weekend.

Primary School

Weeknights Weekends
Grades 1 & 2
20 to 30 minutes 1-1.5 hours
Grades 3 & 4
30 to 45 minutes 1.5-2 hours
Grades 5 & 6
45 to 75 minutes 2-3 hours

Secondary School

Weeknights Weekends
Grades 7 & 8 90 to 120 minutes 3-4 hours
Grades 9 & 10 120 to 150 minutes 4-6 hours
Grades 11 & 12 150 to 180 minutes 6-8 hours

Students who are not doing their homework regularly may be asked to remain in school under the teacher’s supervision. Students will be kept in school for between 30min and 60 min to finish their work. This will take priority over any other activity, at school or outside school, that may be scheduled. Parents must realize that this may impact the time their child goes home. The driver and the student’s sibling/s will have to wait. We are imposing this policy in an effort to improve students’ work ethic and responsibility.

Language of Instruction
English is the language of instruction in most subjects. Students are expected to converse in English at every opportunity throughout the school day.

All students who are late to school must report to the School Office, write their names int the late book and obtain a late pass. This pass must be given to the Homeroom teacher or the class teacher. Students who make a practice of continued lateness can expect to make up the lost time during lunchtime, after school, or Saturday.

The library is open between 07.45 and 16.00 from Monday to Friday. The library is a place for reference and quiet study. For effective use of the facilities please observe the following procedures:

  • If you use books for reference, please return them to the correct position on the shelves.
  • No food or drinks are to be brought into the library.
  • Bags must be left at the front of the library.
  • Please remove all scraps of paper and rubbish and place in the bins.
  • Follow all library and computer usage rules.
  • Loan limits are indicated below:
Student Loan Limit Duration Penalty
EC Students 3 Two Weeks
(Items may be
renewed once)
IDR 1.000/day
Primary Grade 1-3
Primary Grade 4-6
Secondary Grade 7-12

Secondary students will be issued with a locker. All lockers must be kept in a neat and tidy fashion and should be padlocked at all times. Students must bring their paddle lock from home. Books should be kept upright on the top shelf, leaving room for student’s PE bag in the bottom.

Students must use the canteen to eat their lunch. Lunch can either be brought from home or purchased by using vouchers which are on sale in the School Shop. Students must clear their own tables in the canteen when they finish eating.

The school cannot administer medication unless parents have signed an indemnity form indicating that staff member will not be personally liable. Staff will not administer medication by injection. If students require medication to be administered during school hours then the procedure is:

  • The parents supply only the quantity necessary for one day at a time.
  • Medication should be in appropriate container clearly labeled with the student’s name and details of the medication and the dosage.
  • The medication will be kept in a locked cupboard.

To provide a holistic education in an environment which seeks to bring out the potential in every student to the fullest; developing in each a strong moral character imbued with Godly values and principles and to guide him/her to be a leader for the greater good and of service to others.

Parent-Teacher Conferences
These are held twice a year. Students must attend these conferences with their parents.

Physical Education
Covers a wide range of sports skills and fitness including swimming, tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball among other sports dependent on age and year level. Semi-annual fitness testing against international standards are conducted at the end of each semester.

Plagiarism is cheating by presenting someone else’s words, views or ideas without acknowledging them. Plagiarism is not allowed in any subject and will result in the student not receiving a satisfactory assessment.

Policies The school has developed a number of policies. These are available from the school admission staff should you wish to study them in detail.

Reception The School Reception Counter is open between 7:15am and 4:15pm on school days.

Detailed student reports are written at the end of each quarter and are generally distributed on the second last day of each quarter (except grade 10 & grade 12 see break down of CA and SA at each grade level).

Request for Leave Request for leave from regular school days for medical or other reasons requires a written letter from a parent or guardian to the Homeroom teacher and Vice Principal/Kepala Sekolah.

School Cleanliness
Students are expected to assist in maintaining the cleanliness of the classrooms and school grounds. Students found littering the school will be required to undertake litter duty.

School Hours
The school hours when classes are provided are:

07:25 - 10:30 (Nursery) Monday - Friday
07:25 – 12:00 (Kindergarten) Monday – Friday
07:25 – 14:30 (Grades 1 to 6) Monday – Friday
07:25 – 15:30 (Grades 7 to 12) Monday – Friday*
*except for Wednesday when classes finish at 14:30 (Grades 7 to 10) and 15:00 (Grades 11 and 12) Co-curricular activities and extra lessons are held after scheduled classes.

School Rules

  • Students must exercise common sense at all times.
  • Students do not have the right to interfere with the education of other students. Respect for others and their property must be shown at all times.
  • Bullying, racism, sexism and ageism will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  • Every student must be at school at 7:25am.
  • All students, except for those in Grades 11 and 12 must wait in the cafeteria in the morning until dismissed.
  • Students may not enter classrooms before classes start for the day or during recess or lunch. IB Diploma students are an exception. Under no circumstances are students permitted to enter science, art and computer laboratories without faculty or staff supervision.
  • Students may not leave the school premises unless appropriate permission from parents and their Vice Principal has been granted.
  • Valuable items such as, CD players, MP3 players, Walkman, electronic games should not to be brought to school.
  • Students are encouraged to have a mobile telephone in their car for emergencies whilst traveling to or from school. However, they may not be brought in the school. If there is an emergency which requires calling a parent, the student must seek permission from a faculty member before placing the call.
  • No student is to be in possession of any substance, with the exception of food and water, which, when taken into body, alters its function physically and/or psychologically. This includes all drugs of addiction or dependence, such as analgesics, alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, steroids, and amphetamines, as well as solvents, which may be inhaled, such as glue and petrol.
  • Students may not interfere with, damage or alter the computer hardware. All students must agree to the conditions set out in the computer and internet protocol agreement.

School Shop
The counter is open between 7:30am – 3:30pm on Monday to Thursday, and 7:30am – 12:00pm and 1:00pm – 3:30pm on Friday. Parents and students can purchase school uniform items, badges, stationary and school books. Payments for extra lessons can also be made.

Tiara News
A biweekly newsletter called Tiara News is sent by email to students and parents with information on current events, school achievements, important dates, excursions, and requests for assistance and general information. Parents and students will get it via email. The newsletter is issued every other Friday

The correct and complete school uniform is to be worn at school, when traveling to school and when participating in school activities. On days when school uniform is not worn guidance on the standard of dress required will be given.

All student uniforms are expected to conform to the official lists below.

Please ensure that all items of uniform are clearly marked with your name.

  • Kindergarten
    • KA Girls
      -> Green tartan dress
      -> Black Shoes of an appropriate socks
      -> White ankle socks
    • KB Girls
      -> Green tartan culottes
      -> White school blouse with school logo to be tucked-in at all times
      -> White ankle socks
    • KA and KB Boys:
      -> Green tartan short school pants
      -> Short sleeved white school shirt with school logo to be tucked-in at all times
      -> Black shoes of an appropriate design
      -> White ankle socks
  • Primary School
    • Boys:
      -> Navy blue short schools pants
      -> Short sleeved white school shirt with school logo to be tucked-in at all times
      -> Black shoes of an appropriate
      -> White ankle socks
    • Girls:
      -> Navy blue culottes
      -> White school blouse with school logo to be tucked-in at all times
      -> Black shoes of an appropriate design
      -> White ankle socks
  • Secondary School

    • Boys:
    • * Long navy blue school trousers
      * Short sleeved white school shirt with school logo to be tucked-in at all times
      * Black shoes (sports shoes are allowed) - must be 90% black
      * Dark socks (navy blue or black) - regular ankle socks, neither to short nor too long
      * School tie
      * Belt is optional
      * Plain white undershirt
      * An extra P.E. shirt may be brought where student wishes to participate in sports at snack/lunch time. The student should be revert to their full uniform before the commencement of class

    • Girls:
    • * Navy blue culottes (knee length)
      * White school blouse with school logo to be tucked-in at all times
      * Black shoes of an appropriate design (sports shoes are allowed) - must be 90% black
      * White ankle socks - regular ankle socks, neither to short nor too long
      * School tie
      * An extra P.E. shirt may be brought where student wishes to participate in sports at snack/lunch time. The student should be revert to their full uniform before the commencement of class

Students should not bring valuables to school. If there are items of value that need temporary storage please give them to School Office.

Nurturing Leaders for God, Country and Community

Students can purchase snacks and lunches in the cafeteria by vouchers only. Lunch and snack booklets can be purchased from the School Shop and Voucher Counter in the cafeteria at a cost of Rp.30.000 and Rp.50.000, or Rp120.000,/booklet.

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