Parents Support Group (PSG)

We are a group of parents (mothers, fathers, grandparents) who support the school in its activities in the education of our children. Volunteers from the PSG plan and conduct activities and seminars that engage and inform parents and students on topical issues, and raise support for the school.
As long as you have a child in the school, you are basically a member of PSG.We welcome everyone to be a Parent Volunteer.

Our Motto: Blessed to Bless.

Our Objective
Since actions speak louder than words, we aim to be a good example to our children. By volunteering to share and to serve in their school, we teach them that God blessed us not only for ourselves but to be a blessing to others too, starting with our own community and outward.

Our Mission

  • To work in harmony with fellow parents and the School to enrich and enhance our children’s education and well being.
  • To do our part as parents, to ensure the school remains a safe and conducive place for our children to learn and grow up with intelligence of the mind, compassion of the heart and with the spirit of Godly righteous.
  • To actively encourage parents to be involved and to participate in the school’s activities and events so as toestablish a strong network and to foster a positive partnership between parents, teachers and students as school community.
  • To support the school in carrying out projects, programs and activities that are beneficial to the students, so that we can achieve the total development of a child in accordance with the School’s mission: Academic Excellence, Character Development and Service to Others.



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