PSG Committee work closely with the School Management, Teachers, Staffs, and Student Council in realizing the initiatives and programs


To be a channel of blessing to the needy in the community, through these activities;

·         Charity Works (Bakti Sosial) in Kolong Jembatan Ancol and other places (orphanage and

       elderly house etc.,) including ones in the school neighbouring area.

·         Charity Bazaar (Pasar Murah) for the internal staffs, selling essentials during Ramadhan

       Month  and Christmas.

·         Helping the victims of natural disasters



As part of the enrichment programs, PSG together with the school, conduct and invite speakers for workshops and seminars, such as:

·         “Puberty Talk” for specific grades in Primary, as introduction to the growing process of the body and mind

·         “Public Speaking” workshops to improve the student presentation skills

·         “ Cyber Awareness” seminar for both parents and students

·         “ Zero Bullying” program for students and teachers

·         “Time Management Skill” workshop

·         “Life skills program”

·         “Resume Building” and “Personal Essay Writing” workshops

·          “Career Path and Strength Test” assisting to discover the right choice for the Secondary

         Students going into further educational institution.

·         “Career’s Day” will be on 29 November 2017 :  invited parents or guests who are the expert

        on their field. They are going to share their pathway from the beginning until what they are



Here are the list of the Guest Speakers for ACS Jakarta Career Day in 2016 :

     Business & Commerce:

 DR. Budi Dharmo Notowidjojo, MBA, Ph.D. (engineering in Metallurgy/Entrepreneur)

 Bp. Jongky Widjaja CA (Ernst & Young Indonesia)

 Bp. Michael Tjoajadi (CEO of PT Schroder Indonesia)

     Health & Science

       Dr. Narain H. Punjabi, MD, SpA, FAAP, PhD (Pediatrician, Medical Research Scientist US


       DR. Amadeus Yeremia Priwibowo, Ph.D. (Director Business Development Indonesia

       International Institute for Life Science)


    Engineering & Technology

       DR. Tjahja Tjugiarto, M.Eng (President Director of PT Permata Barito Shipyard & Engineering)

       Bp. Haryanto Suryali (Owner of PT Tri Jaya Surya – electrical engineering)

       Ir. Astrida Wishnuwardani (Director of Technology and Solution PT Asia Quattro Net)

       Bp. Andreas R. Diantoro (President Director of PT Microsoft Indonesia)

       Bp. Antonius Henricus (Director Developer, Evangelism, Startup Business & Application PT

       Microsoft Indonesia)


    Art, Humanity & Design

       Bp. Riri Yakub ST (Founder and Principle of Atelier Riri)

       Ren Katili ( PT Studio Arsitek Tropis)

       Ibu Imelda Dewajani (Co-founder, creative director Love Daposa Indonesia)

       Ibu Leony Atmadja (Program Director Reformed 21)




       Bp. Daniel Ginting (Corporate Lawyer Ginting & Reksodiputro, Founder & Managing Partner

       Allen & Overy)

       DR. Belinda Rosallina, SH, LL.M. (Intellectual Properties- Partner AMR Partnership Law Firm)

       Ibu Mercy Fransisca Hutahaean (Legal Affairs Director – British America Tobacco)




To provide spiritual support for the school community

·         PSALTY (Praying, Serving, and Learning Together –Psalm Singer) :

       Christian and Catholic Parents Group meeting every other Friday 8:00 – 10:00

       Bible Study and Devotion and/or Family/Parenting workshop open to all

·         TGIF (Thanks God It’s Friday) :  Christian Bible Study Group for students, every alternate

       Friday from 11:20-12:30

·         Pengajian Baroqah :  Moslem Parents Communal Prayer Group meeting every alternate

       Thursday 8:00-10:00



·         To organize a group of  parents to form a strong community of sport, as we believe that to have a committed athlete, support from both the school & the family are much needed.

·         To celebrate each sport achievement & share information & values to instill sportsmanship among families

·         To support PE Department when they seek for help to broadcast and market any sport programs to attract as many participants as possible.

·         To Liaise with sponsors to support our CCA students & school teams with complimentary jerseys and/or any products (drinks).

Little Notes :

      Through Mrs. Alfa Winarno &  Mrs. Rahma Rivai, a pair of keen tennis parents, PSG supported ACS Tennis Open in 2015; by partnering with PE Department. From this academic year 2017-2018 PE Department fully took over the management of ACS Open.

       In 2015, with Mrs. Imelda Tanoyo, PSG began the AQUATHLON program as a Family and Community event. In 2016 - 2017, we had the CARNIVAL in conjunction with AQUATHLON.

Aquathlon & Carnival will be held every other year from now.



·         Teachers Day

·         Christmas Project

·         Art Week

·         Indonesia Independence Day Celebration

·         Carnival (family day)

·         Etc.


“The PSG Team is a close knit group of individuals whose concerns go beyond the wellbeing of their own children but extend to ensuring that others’ voices are heard and accounted for. It’s rewarding and most importantly, FUN to be a Class Parent.” – Lulu Budiman.

“It has been a blessing to be a part of the PSG Team for almost 3 years. With other volunteers we cooperate to plan and execute a variety of programs. Unless we are part of a team, we can sometimes be unaware and unappreciative of the efforts of others. So don’t hesitate to join and together we can utilize each other’s strength.” – Santi Smith.

“It’s always great to be able to participate in School-PSG events, such as the ‘Family Sporty Saturday,’ because it’s a chance for we parents to be involved directly with something that our kids do at the school.” – Richard Sam Bera.

“Any time we spend thinking about our children and are able to be with them is valuable time. The PSG is the best medium for us to see how we can cooperate with other parents and the School. I encourage you to join PSG activities and events to make that valuable time for our children and to be involved in THEIR community!” – Donny Winarno.



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